Midjourney Stats

See average waiting times for all of Midjourney's models. Find out when it's most efficient to use Relax mode and conserve your Fast hours.

Should I use Relax Mode right now?

Current Waiting Time

~28 seconds


Only if you're not in a rush. 🦥

Current Waiting Time

~56 seconds


Yikes! Time to grab a coffee. ☕

Current Waiting Time

~7 seconds


Go for it! It ain't getting much faster. ⚡

The above metrics are based on the very latest values and may differ from the charts.

V6 Model

V6 Upscaler

V5 Model

V5 Niji Model

V4 Model

V4 Upscaler

V4 Niji Model

V4 Niji Upscaler